Thursday, 20 June 2013

Counting Calories...

One of the reasons why our programmes are so effective long term, is that we help our valued clients re-learn how to eat and what constitutes a healthy meal.  Counting calories is not necessarily a sensible way to measure the value of your food, as many low calorie food may be neither healthy nor help reduce weight.  In fact many low calorific foods are packed with sugar which does nothing but stimulate the desire for more food and before you know it eating becomes a battle instead of a joy.  We don’t recommend embracing the Atkins Diet as the perfect way to eat, but what Dr Atkins clearly did demonstrate is that it is not necessarily fat that makes you fat, in fact some research suggests that it can be the very lack of fat in the diet that inhibits weight loss.  The sceptical camp is growing against the ‘calorie is a calorie’ idea, which simply sees a calorie as a unit of energy and the rules of body thermodynamics are becoming debunked.  Studies area showing that eating a bag of sweets at 300 calories or a handful of nuts at 300 will have a very different effect on the body, regardless of calorific value.  Different foods require differing levels of energy to process.  Take a look at which has been put together by a team of top nutritionists which considers food not by calories but my its health merits and minuses.  It also looks at the measure of satiety, vitally important for clients who are wanting to shift a few pounds.  Let us know what you

Friday, 26 October 2012

Christmas Weight Loss Goals

Well I guess we are now on our way to the festive season and the poppy's have only just started to appear!

We can tend to get a bit bogged down with preparations and Christmas shopping only to find that the big day is upon us and we not only have nothing to wear that still fits us and to top it off we are practically force fed 50% more food than we really need!

Wouldn't it be good if you could embark on the festivities with the knowledge and pride that you have not only rid yourself of the years stress and strain but have also left behind a clothing size too?!

Sometimes we just need a little support and encouragement and a good time out of our everyday lives to be able to feel the benefits.

The brand new Christmas Wellness, Weight loss and detox package at Homefield Grange will give you just that. Not only would you be able to enjoy Christmas that much more but you would be able to start the new year on the right foot too.

Because it's the run up to that special season we have made this package extra special to ensure that you really feel treated.

Set in beautifully peaceful Northamptonshire countryside and yet only an hour from London, our luxurious rooms, big comfy lounge with an open fire and the most delicious healthy food or juices will really set you up for a new start.

Take a look at the package on our website and don't waste any time booking your place as we only have 15 exclusive places available at the retreat. This is what makes it so tailored to your needs and ever so cosy for the winter season.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Best detox retreat grows own vegetables!

Here at Homefield Grange Detox Retreat and Weight Loss Spa we are trying to get the best and most fresh healthy food for our guests by growing our own! Although it's early days we are quite excited about the weird and wonderful shapes emerging from our organic garden!

Maybe you can share with us your best or worst vegetables from your organic garden.

For more information about Homefield Grange Detox Retreat visit our website

Friday, 8 June 2012

What are Detox Retreats for?

Detox & Weight Loss Programmes

A detox retreat offers its clients an opportunity to help their bodies lose weight and regain its sense of health and vitality. When a detox retreat is run by qualified professionals, guests can remove toxins, lose weight safely and re-establish a healthy metabolism through completing a proper, supervised weight loss and cleaning programme.

Our clients often arrive at Homefield feeling tired, toxic, overweight and stressed. They are often looking for a way to break cycles of “self-sabotage.” A detox retreat should symbolise a fresh start, a new beginning and a kick start to healthy weight loss. Did you know that the more fat you have, the more toxins your body retains? Unfortunately the higher the level of toxins, the harder it is for the client to lose weight on their own.

Guests can experience substantial amounts of weight loss during their detox at Homefield and often continue to lose weight as they implement new healthy food and life choices which we teach them during their stay.

Detoxing at home can prove to be challenging. Attending a dedicated detox retreat allows clients to let go of their world’s responsibilities and offers the space and time for the client to focus on their own health and well being. There are no temptations or distractions and Homefield’s experienced team support its guests with consideration and care, allowing the body to regain its balance. Clients often report that they are going home with” a brand new me!”

While many people think of detoxing as a modern day fashionable phenomenon, which “celebs” use to lose weight quickly, the act of detoxing is a concept as old as time itself! Testimonials to the benefits of fasting or detoxing can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and has been followed through the centuries by some of our greatest healers such as Hippocrates, through to the modern day Naturopathic principles followed by Dr Bernard Jenson and Anne Wigmore.

A detox is an ideal opportunity to give the digestive system a break, thereby helping the body enjoy a rest from its daily tasks. This allows energy to be diverted to cleansing and healing, allowing the whole body to focus on clearing out its toxic wastes. The longer the fast or detox programme, the deeper the detoxification will be. Many people use a detox to gain spiritual awareness. It is certainly true and a lightness can be experienced on an emotional level as the body becomes lighter from within.

At Homefield Grange, we pride ourselves on delivering results driven, fun and educational weight loss & detoxification residential packages. Our programmes are continually evolving over time, uniting ancient wisdom with a modern day perspective, ensuring that we deliver to our clients a complete and balanced approach to weight loss, detoxing and maintaining long term health and well being.